4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Tooth Replacment

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Scottsdale, AZ

Contemplating tooth replacement will come at some point in your life. Many factors cause tooth loss. Replacing your missing tooth is a healthy decision. Consulting your dentist about it will give you more information about the process. If you want to learn about tooth replacement, here are some questions to consider.

Is it dangerous?

Any type of tooth replacement is healthy for the mouth. Removable dentures, dental implants, bridges, and implant-supported dentures help the patient regain the function and appearance of natural teeth. Among these options, implants or implant-supported dentures provide the most stable replacements. The key is the placement of titanium rods into the patient’s jawbone.

The process of getting any tooth replacement is not a hazard to the patient. The oral surgeon needs to talk to the patient first. Knowing the patient’s medical history can help prepare the patient for the surgery. Only a licensed oral surgeon can perform dental implant surgery. That is why patients can be secure in the process of getting a tooth restoration.

After the surgery, the patient has to go through proper aftercare. This will make the healing process quicker. The rods will fuse with the jawbone better. Proper checking from the oral surgeon can ensure proper healing. It will also ensure the success of the tooth replacement.

How can the patient know which tooth-replacement system is the right one?

Many options are available for patients who want tooth-replacement systems. Dental implants need proper gum and bone support. Implant-supported dentures are for patients with low bone density. Dentures and bridges can replace teeth but can only last until bone loss sets it. The dentist will determine which option is most suitable for the patient’s degree of tooth loss and periodontal health. The patient’s lifestyle and medical history can also help in determining which tooth restoration fits the patient most.

How long does it take?

Getting dentures and bridges is quick. It takes about two to three dental appointments to get the right fit. Traditional implant-supported dentures and dental implants need weeks or even months to finish. Osseointegration is the longest stage in these restorations. It takes this long because the titanium rods need to fuse well with the gums and jawbone. Then, the oral surgeon can finish placing the abutment and the crown.

How long does a tooth replacement last?

The success of any tooth replacement depends on how the patient cares for it. Proper oral care at home and regular visits to the dentist can lengthen the life span of the restoration. Dentures and bridges last for years but can loosen over time. Dental implants can last for at least 20 years. Crowns can last for 10-15 years with proper care.

A tooth replacement can bring back the function and appearance of your missing tooth

Choosing the right tooth-replacement system can improve your quality of life. It can make you eat, smile, and speak in a comfortable way. Discomfort from missing or damaged teeth can end with a proper tooth restoration. An appointment with your doctor can determine which tooth replacement can help you most.

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