Do ClearCorrect® Invisible Braces Come With Attachments?

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For many adult patients, invisible braces, like ClearCorrect, are preferable because they are aesthetically appealing and convenient to use. These aligners are not as conspicuous as braces. An important component of the clear aligner treatment plan is the small buttons or attachments that assist in guiding the teeth to their correct positions. ClearCorrect invisible braces come with such attachments. Continue reading to learn the purposes they serve in the teeth straightening treatment.

Attachments in ClearCorrect aligners

Otherwise known as “buttons,” attachments can be described as small “grips” placed on the teeth to support their movement. Some teeth are placed or shaped in a form that makes it hard for the aligner to fix onto them. Small composite resin bumps are applied to the surfaces of the teeth so that the aligner trays can have something to hold on to for support. Attachments can help shift the teeth with high accuracy to produce the most efficient results. The dentist will design the attachments that are necessary for the patient’s treatment.

The attachments are usually indicated by a teal square on the treatment plan. The use of attachments is still undergoing research and development at ClearCorrect and many other makers of invisible braces. However, ClearCorrect aligners come with 1mm x 2mm x 3mm vertical and horizontal attachments, which are effective.

Placing the attachment is easy. A template shows where the attachments should be on the teeth. Those teeth will be cleaned and prepared to encourage adherence. The dentist will place the bonding material on the marked spots and cure it with a special light.

Why are attachments necessary?

Attachments give the aligner trays an area to push against and contribute to the tooth’s movement. One can consider it a tiny handle on a door. The custom-fitted plastic trays used in clear aligners are not as firm as the metals used for regular braces. Therefore, the flexibility of the materials needs to be augmented in the areas that need movement. Otherwise, attachments may be helpful for facilitating movement by altering the tooth’s shape.

The attachments available with ClearCorrect invisible braces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The position and shape of the attachment is very crucial as they are angled to produce the correct type of force to induce tooth movement or rotation without putting undue strain on the roots.

The attachments are nearly invisible and are produced using tooth-colored white filling material. Sometimes metal attachments can be used on the back teeth where they are invisible to others. The attachment remains on the surface of the teeth and gets trimmed off after the teeth straightening treatment is complete without permanent damage to the enamel. In many situations, it is hard to notice the attachments whether the aligners are on the teeth or not. Still, patients will get to enjoy one of the most aesthetically appealing methods of straightening their smiles.

In conclusion

For many people, especially adults, the appeal of invisible braces, like ClearCorrect, is the convenience and aesthetics. With attachments, many conditions that would otherwise require traditional braces can now be corrected with invisible braces.

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