What You Need to Know About a Night Guard to Treat Teeth Grinding

Night Guards Scottsdale, AZ

Individuals that grind their teeth, should consider a night guard. Teeth grinding is a common condition that causes deterioration of the teeth, jaw joint pain, facial pain and headaches. Unfortunately, it often goes undiagnosed and its potentially harmful side effects are usually overlooked. Occasional teeth grinding might not cause major concerns, but severe cases can lead to broken teeth, damaged enamel or worst still, tooth loss.

The effect of teeth grinding

Without prompt treatment, bruxism can lead to long-term dental and medical issues. Teeth grinding places incredible pressure on the teeth, chipping away the enamel layer, which may cause teeth sensitivity. The person will often wake up with a sore jaw or toothache. Aside from poor sleep and recurrent jaw pain, facial pain and teeth sensitivity may also result from the habit.

If a patient grinds their teeth at night, the dentist can provide a night guard to wear over the teeth and stop the effects of the habit. The oral device also prevents the other issues associated with nighttime teeth grinding. It will save the cost of undergoing tooth repairs after experiencing damages.

How night guards work

The dentist will make a night guard that fits precisely inside the patient’s mouth. The oral device protects the teeth by acting as a barrier when clenching or grinding. They cushion the muscles of the jaw, thus preventing the teeth from rubbing against each other. The patient will wake up feeling reinvigorated and without pain.

There is no reason to endure the pain and damage caused by teeth grinding habit. The night guard provided by the dentist is fabricated from high-quality materials. The oral appliance is comfortable to wear. Although it may take a while to get used to the device, wearing it consistently is the best way to reduce the symptoms.

Types of night guards

There are two main types of night guards available for patients. Although they look very similar, they are very different. Some night guards are available off-the-shelf of local drugstores. They are cheaper and conform to the teeth after the mold and bite method. It is always better to get a custom-made night guard from the dentist. These are professionally made using the accurate molds or impressions of the patient’s teeth for a proper, tight and comfortable fit.

The dentist will consider jaw positioning while fitting the guard during the fitting process to ensure correct jaw alignment. This can help prevent future issues with the TMJ. Custom night guards can also last way longer than over-the-counter guards, which usually need to be replaced regularly.

In conclusion

Teeth grinding can be treated after a proper diagnosis from the dentist. There is no reason to live in pain or risk tooth damage and TMJ problems. Night guards are the commonly recommended option for teeth grinding. If you have discovered signs of teeth grinding, you should contact the dental office to book a consultation appointment. The dentist will evaluate your oral cavity and recommend the best treatment option.

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